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5 Groovy Kitchen Organising Products

Have been doing a bit of a Google on some products that may be helpful in the kitchen. A few of them I actually own and thought I’d share with you.

Expandable Under Sink Shelf

I love this thing! The picture totally explains how it works. At just under $50 it may be a tad pricey, but for my money it has totally solved my personal frustrations with gaining space in a very tricky area. Also helps to keep this area clean. Great for renters, no fittings required. For more info visit Howards Storage World.


Fridge Organising Trays from Rubbermaid

These groovy little trays come with rollers on one end for easy to pull-out action. The beauty of these trays is that they catch any drips, easy to wipe clean, and can be moved from fridge to counter or table and back again without drama, comes in two sizes. I have several and I don’t just use them in my fridge. Also available at Howards Storage World, and Lifespace, but I have seen them in other department stores and home organization stores. Reasonably priced at under $10. Also check out their fridge door condiment caddies and Lazy Susan.


Zevro Dual Dry Food Dispenser (Black & Chrome)

Terrific and novel way to dispense kids cereals or grains. At around US$40 it could be the gift your looking for. Available online via Amazon.com


Pull-Down Spice Rack

Once affixed to a shelf in your pantry, this nifty spice rack pulls out and down so that you can easily see all your spices in 3 neat rows. Great space saver and when priced under $12 you could invest in a few! Available from Rubbermaid.

Made Smart Bakeware Organizer

Don’t just file your cookbooks. Filing is a great way to organise some kitchen objects, such as bakeware chopping boards and serving trays. At around $28 this one makes it easy. Available at Lifespace.



A reader writes:
“Re: drop down spice racks by rubbermaid … I am trying to purchase 2 drop down spice racks for my kitchen by rubbermaid as seen on the internet, but can’t seem to be able to get the purchase through with the U.S.A. can you get these ?”

Unfortunately, as noted on the website, I’m not affiliated with Rubbermaid or any other product, nor do I stock items on anyone’s behalf, or receive commissions. I understand your frustration with trying to locate products, as often there are many products online that are difficult to get in Australia, Where possible I try to choose products that are available for local readers, unfortunately this isn’t always possible, so often I may include products for ‘inspiration’ that can be adapted to suit your needs. In this case though you will notice the article was written back in 2010, it is therefore hard to keep up with other website’s changes to product lines and keep links updated. Having said that, we do try to check links as often as possible to ensure relevance.

The good news is that I have found that these spice racks can be purchased through this link on Amazon.

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